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Grid4C Hires Industry Leader Shane Fay to Expand Global Reach

Posted by: Grid4C on April 25, 2018

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Grid4C announced today that it has hired Shane Fay as Senior Vice President to expand its global reach and drive adoption for its industry-leading predictive analytics solutions around the world. Recently ranked the #1 Predictive Analytics vendor by GTM Research, Grid4C is now deployed on 4 continents and producing more than 500 million predictions per day for utilities and energy consumers. “Predictive analytics using machine learning algorithms are already providing tremendous value in a variety of use cases for utilities and energy consumers around the world,” says Fay. “For example, we can predict consumer adoption trends for solar and electric vehicle penetration to help with utility planning, or detect faults for home appliances to alert customers, or predict adoption rates for new rate programs or utility offerings. Utilities are identifying new revenue streams with our solutions, and new opportunities for revenue growth and value will be realized every day.”

Fay joins Grid4C from Comverge, where he hired and managed the North American sales organization, which consistently exceeded company growth targets and helped lead to the recent acquisition by Itron. For 18 years Fay has been delivering innovative energy solutions to energy companies and their consumers. “We are thrilled to welcome Shane to our team as we expand globally and help our utility customers unlock the value of their smart grid investments with predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities,” states Dr. Noa Ruschin-Rimini, Founder and CEO of Grid4C. “Grid4C's comprehensive platform analyzes the massive amount of sub-hourly data collected from millions of smart meters, together with customer data, pricing information and more, in order to maximize utilities’ operational efficiencies, increase customer engagement and drive profit.”


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