Free white paper breaks down how AI-powered analytics create value at the grid edge for utilities.

Smart meters serve approximately 65% of electric utility customers across the U.S. today and are expected to reach 90% by 2028. Utilities in the U.S. and abroad have only begun to tap into the data-driven solutions these meters can enable. However, that is changing as advancements in AI and analytics architectures allow utilities to address a growing list of cost-effective use cases.

Guidehouse Insights expects utility spending on smart meter analytics to increase over the next decade at a CAGR of 13.4% with spending on inside-the-meter solutions anticipated to grow at roughly the same rate. Applications for demand-side management and energy efficiency are expected to lead global spending, growing from approximately $1.6 billion in 2021 to nearly $5.4 billion in 2030.

AI at the Grid Edge: How Inside-the-Meter Analytics Drive Value at the Grid Edge is a 22-page report from Guidehouse Insights explaining how inside-the-meter architectures offer utilities new options regarding where, when, and how they analyze smart meter data.

Inside you’ll learn:

  • An evolutionary framework for understanding AI advancements in smart meter grid-edge analytics
  • How utilities are using advanced grid-edge analytics to improve customer experience
  • How predictive grid-edge analytics assist network operators in optimizing grid management
  • How improvements in metering technologies enable cost-effective, standalone grid-edge analytics solutions
  • Which utility vendors are bringing grid-edge analytics to the market today
  • How utilities evaluate different grid-edge analytics architectures and delivery models

The report is available for FREE from Grid4C, one of the first companies to embed AI-powered solutions into smart meters of the world's leading AMI vendors. 

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