Third Party Solution Providers

Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) delivered as insights embedded into third-party hardware and software solutions and embedded into smart meters for use cases at the grid edge, for third-party solution providers.

Embed AI Powered Insights into Third Party Hardware and Software Solutions

Featured Third Party Use Cases

Data Science as a Service | Grid4C

Data Science as a Service (DSaaS)

Grid4C can deliver insights to a utility or third party solution provider via SFTP transfer or API integration, for presentation through a utility software product or another third party software provider, when only anonymized data is sent to Grid4C.

Predictive Analytics for Energy Grids | Grid4C

Grid4C Screens and Portals

Utilities or third-party solution providers can use Grid4C screens and portals to deliver customer-facing insights or predictive operational analytics

Smart Meters | Grid4C

Grid4C Insights Embedded into Smart Meters

Grid4C can embed algorithms into grid edge devices like smart meters, for intelligence at the grid edge, real-time alerts, fault and leak detection, and other real-time use cases.

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